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In California, we know well of Paul Coulon, his family and his fine wines of Châteaneuf­du-Pape.


I had the pleasure of visiting Domaine de Beaurenard and the honor to have been enthroned - by Paul, Grand Master - in the Brotherhood of Châteauneuf : "L'Echansonnerie des Papes"


During the course of my visits, I was able to appreciate his profound respect for ancestral tradition, that you will find throughout this work "L'âme du Musée Vigneron", but I admire equally his open spirit, his great books which constitute a gold mine (600 large format pages) that he writes every year - for 37 years - regarding the harvest at Beaurenard, his thirst for knowledge, his enological progress notably, and finally, the intensive utilization of what makes up the new technologies.


These very ones that are in my dominion of work in Silicon Valley, and I remark - with pleasure - that they blend very well together with tradition.


You will discover equally in this book, admirable photos and some captivating anecdotes involving the beautiful craft of winegrowing that fascinates me.


Thank you Paul, for your friendship, your wines and this beautiful book.



                                                                                   Jerry Yang,

                                                                   Co-Founder & President, Yahoo.


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